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金碩展國際 WIDENARY International Co., Ltd 創立信念發展為兩大方向,其一為科技技術,將科技物盡其用,由30餘年經驗的專業國際儀表品牌工程團隊組成,為科技創造無限可能,以延續企業在儀器設備投資的資產價值。


另外,第二大方向則推廣生活藝術的價值,由旗下品牌MOT design 推動,藉由文藝質感的創作及生活小物,來打造舒適的環境及質感空間。


WIDENARY International Co., Ltd. has established the purpose in two directions. One is to make the best use of science and technology. It is composed of a professional engineering team that has developed in this dimension for more than 30 years. The aim is to create possibilities for technology, to continue the value and lifespan of technology equipment from the enterprises.


Also, the second focus is to develop the domain of fashion and lifestyle, promoted by brand MOT design, to create a comfortable environment and quality space through artistic creations and small living objects.


From technology to daily living application, WIDENARY International Co., Ltd aims to provide a good and all-inclusive service for our customers.

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